jueves, agosto 23, 2007

Response to Todd on Market vs Market Competition

Reference: Finding Opportunity in the Global Warming Challenge

Hi Todd,

Thanks for caring.

On 7.5.07 I wrote: EWPC is not a particular solution; it is an emerging market design and architecture aiming to set up mechanisms…I have followed Geoffrey Moore's advice to perform market vs. market cooperation - through an ongoing generative dialogue - as the first stage of competition to come up with the winning market architecture and design. If there is an element [of EWPC] that does not satisfy such aim, I like to learn about it to upgrade EWPC. The second stage of competition, company vs. company competition, initiates when the mechanisms are implemented and particular solutions can then arrive. The whole point is to enable a generative dialogue to reach the End-State of the power industry.

A generative dialogue (GD) is not about debating positions. After going over some of the following prerequisites, on later posts I will come back to explain that we will be learning from an emergent future, because of three kinds of complexities we are experiencing.

However, as I understand, with the post after yours, Len has made your request obsolete. In addition to your statement “I finally found your standpoint, but was too weary to respond by then,” Len says: “no other system [than IMEUC], including Jose Antonio's, [EWPC] can claim anything close.” So What I like to do is to concentrate on collaboration with you and any one else – including Len’s IMEUC – and any other “system” candidates to complete the first phase. His statement is right on the first phase of competition, even if IMEUC has many unnecessary details of the 2nd phase of competition.

So, ask Len to do exactly what you are asking me on his IMEUC first – concentrate on the essentials for the first phase of competition, so that I will have a benchmark to express not my claims on EWPC, but what insights are emerging if any from IMEUC that might make it the winner. By your own standards, the paragraph he added to his 2 links is not clear enough. He needs also to resolve all contradictions of IMEUC, including that related to LMPs. I promise you to respond in kind as soon his system is clearly understood.

For the back on topic, I will wait for the author to reply first.

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