sábado, julio 31, 2010

A Personal Vision Wating to Become a Shared Vision About Global Power Industry Leadership

This is to promote a generative dialogue about the power industry that is already emerging. Under that context, I am quoting out the story in the EWPC post Uno Lamm is a Leader’s Role Model that “As my hero Uno Lamm proved [see below], when he introduced High Voltage Direct Current technology ... facing a strong opposition by the same California IOUs referred to in The BIG California LIE, the Nordic countries [for example] don’t need to wait for the experience of the U.S. What they need, I repeat, is a strong leadership.”

Going into the internal reference about Uno Lamm, mentioned above, in the highly recommended 2007 EWPC article The Sixth Disruptive Technology, you can read: “My hero, the Swedish Uno Lamm and the father of HVDC, who won the Pacific Intertie Project for ASEA after facing a strong opposition by [the same] California IOUs [referred above], and later estimated to save customers more than a billion dollars a day, after negotiating a license agreement with General Electric is quoted saying something like this in an interview in 1988: ‘among Americans, when the heat of the combat ends and a decision has been arrived at, all the trouble disappears and the people work hard to implement the decision in the best way.’ I strongly hope this will be the case of [the] EWPC[-AF].”

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