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The Rise of the Intermediates

"The Rise of the Intermediates" is the Fourth Tectonic Shift (see Fourteen Tectonic Shifts for Green, written by Michael Kanellos, on December 20, 2010 ) that I suggest in the following comment might signaled the end of electric power utilities retail monopolies. What is your point of view?

Hi Michael,

At the end of this post is the free summary of Gartner’s 2011 predictions, which seem to relate well with “The Rise of the Intermediates” that “…will fill the gap between utilities and consumers and, ideally, will be able to make their fees more palatable by being able to garner revenue from both of them.”

Could you give us an idea on how does it relates to the comments under your article at the link about “cranky people with enough time on their hands to attend public hearings.’?

In the next 3 paragraphs I copy my last post under said link:

Please take a good look at the EWPC post The New California Capitalist Model to Initiate the Transformation of the Global Power Industry, where I used two of the above posts in the following:”

Kate Rowland has set a challenge in her Intelligent Utility article "Smart meter reflux continues" of August 16, 2010, which I respond to below. The challenge is based on a quote made by Peter Darbee, CEO and president of PG&E Corporation, which says:

“As we go forward, I think the stakes are very great because once again, California is in the position to serve as the model for the rest of the United States when the United States has said it’s not ready to move forward. And the challenge that we have is, are we going to be a good model, or a bad model, or an indifferent model”
In particular, do you see Gartner’s “… energy provisioning transformation” as the end of a “…bad model” of retail monopolies, as those “Intermediates” become “new players” set “…by a Confluence of Policies and Market Forces” that should compete among themselves?

Merry Christmas,

José Antonio

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