miércoles, enero 29, 2014

How will DR-CAFTA nearshoring be impacted if USA follows McKinsey’s nextshoring

As USA companies abandon offshoring, many people with industrial mindsets though they will be reshoring. Under that assumption, DR-CAFTA countries nearshoring would be an advantage with respect to other countries. We even may not have been affected by the TPP.

 However, the jobs situation in the USA has shown that manufacturing is using less non skilled workers, as digital technologies need mostly highly skilled workers. The fact is that new non skilled jobs will not be generally available in post industrial world manufacturing. If there are any non skilled jobs, they will probably be available in services.

 As most people know, DR-CAFTA industries are no longer protected by tariffs. Does this mean the end of the world for DR-CAFTA manufacturers as USA manufacturers become more competitive with nextshoring? I guess not. I suggest that DR-CAFTA countries and industries consider the nextshoring approach as soon as possible.

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