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Unleashing Design Thinking in the Power Industry by Reframing

Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio | Mar 8, 2010

Design Thinking demand side radical disruptive innovations to the power industry at the "fuzzy front end" are facilitated with a paradigm shift from the obsolete, dysfunctional, and highly complex Investor Owned Utilities Architecture Framework and its incremental extensions, to the emergent, design-friendly, holistic, and simplified Electricity Without Price Controls Architecture Framework (EWPC-AF).

The EWPC-AF concentrates in what Richard Buchanan calls “fourth-order design (organization - design of systems, environments and culture),” instead of “first-order, second-order or third-order design (communication - design of language and symbols; construction - design of tangible objects; or interaction - action and behavior),” which will be unleashed by complementary Design Thinking to act on the paradigm shift.

To learn about the EWPC-AF, please take a look at the EWPC Blog. Right now, there are more than 200 posts, more than 800 comments, and more than a total of 500,000 views. To get an idea, please take a look at the three most recent posts, which are hyperlinked to other posts:

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