martes, mayo 17, 2016

To end nationalism in #RD, #USA, and the #EU we need global interdependentism

The thesis here is that the cure for industrial civilization national independentism is systemic civilization global interdependentism. In the article American Caudillo: Trump and the Latin-Americanization of U.S. Politics, written by Omar G. Encarnación for Foreign Affairs on May 12 2016, we see that what´s written matches perfectly well to Danilo Medina as the new Dominican Caudillo. About Medina, expecting to get the support of a systemic civilization global interdependentism international community, we will only take the representative quote from Encarnación's article that says:
A testament to the remarkable capacity of caudillismo to survive and even thrive following the wave of democratic transition that swept through Latin America since the mid-1980s, this mixing has resulted in a wave of imperial presidencies that appear to have more in common with monarchical rule than with constitutional government.
So we will concentrate on trying to expedite the assumption on which the United States of America and the European Union are organized will be changed and will operate to fit reality. That's the way to fill the global leadership vaccum. I tried to find the opposite of nationalism and didn't get a reasonal answer by learning from the past. By reframing nationalism into the national and the independence elements of the of industrial civilization, it is easy to see the opposites of global and interdependence, by learning from the emergent future which define what we have been calling the systemic civilization.

Each of those two civlizations have their own S-Curves. The industrial civilization is operating in the upper saturation Confort Zone for some people, which is the source, for example, of unstable governments, soaring inequality, climate change and inmigration anti-systemic crisis. The systemic civilization is in the lower low growth zone with a huge potential for entrepreneurs to develop innovations to go to the hypergrowth zone, which is Where the Magic Happens. Next, is a small selection of posts (and updates) that support the emergence of the systemic civilization global interdependentism to address, for example, US and Spanish general elections, Grexit and Brexit.
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