sábado, agosto 06, 2005

Judith Warrick is from Morgan Stanley

Esto es lo que humildemente he estado proponiendo.
Utilities must change their business model and invest to lower prices says Judith Warrick, Senior Advisor in Morgan Stanley's Investment Banking Division. Regarded as one of the industry's top analysts, she distributes "Energy Insights" white papers several times a year to clients and insiders. The electric power industry "needs to focus on finding better, cheaper ways to provide service," she writes in the December 23, 2004 issue. "So, how to invest to lower prices? Through new technology. Technology can solve power quality, power reliability, and price volatility at a fraction of the price of big iron (either new transmission lines or new generating capacity). Getting the price right and designing an efficient, self-controlling, self-healing system are keys to the future." QuickTake: The fact that Wall Street has added its voice to the clamor for an updated grid adds to our prospects for getting Capitol Hill to listen up.
El nuevo modelo de negocios que propongo rompe con el modelo convencional, creando de la electricidad un negocio común y corriente (José Antonio Vanderhorst Silverio, PhD, 1996).

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