lunes, octubre 17, 2005

Dialoguemos: Quoting Deloitte Research Findings

With a lot of respect for Deloitte Research please read two of their findings:
"The Continuity scenario is not unreasonable. The assumptions that underlie it are corroborated to one degree or another by many projections and analyses from sources outside the industry."
"But according to some executives and others we interviewed, the next five years could unfold in ways that differ from many companies' strategic assumptions. It's possible power and utility companies could find themselves caught in a more turbulent business, with new risks affecting the availability and social acceptability of the fuels they use, the demand for the products they sell, the prices they charge their customers, and the returns they're able to offer investors."
There is a fight between the old and the new. We are under collapse. Don´t bet on the old continuity. Follow Carlota Pérez advice and allow the new to emerge, the sooner, the better, to reap the opportunities here and elsewhere. We have a lot of idle resources to make it happen.

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