jueves, octubre 20, 2005

DR1: Rains affect water supply

Different parts of the National District and Santo Domingo Province are receiving tap water as seldom as once a week, forcing residents to purchase supplies for their household needs, according to reports in Listin Diario. Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewage Corporation (CAASD) Director Richard Martinez attributed the shortages to the failure in service of 26 well fields out of 37 the institution has in the eastern part of the city. This is due to the collapse of electrical substations after the heavy rain that affected the country in the past days. Martinez promised that the water distribution calendar would become normal again within 48 hours. Worst affected have been Las Americas, Villa Duarte, Maquiteria, Ensanche Ozama, and Los Mina in eastern Santo Domingo, as well as Jardines del Norte, Los Rios, Las Caobas and Las Palmas de Herrera in other parts of the city. Martinez said that CAASD has most! well fields in eastern Santo Domingo which depend on power supplies. Meanwhile, parts of Bani have not had tap water for 14 days, after the rains during the past two weeks raised the levels of Bani River, affecting the local aqueduct intake and supply lines. National Tap Water Institute (INAPA) administrator Milagros de Duran and operations manager Nelson Genao explained that the aqueduct intake at La Gina was dragged by the waters which also affected the exit valve of the treatment plant and storage center. The intake has been repaired but service will not be re-established until the valve is fixed, and this process has been hindered by the institution's lack of equipment and high flow of water that still exists in the river. In San Jose de Ocoa, INAPA attributes the tap water shortage to the failure of the pumping system, problems with electric energy supply, and damages to the aqueduct's main line caused by the recent rains. Over 40% of Santo Domingo's tap water supply ! is provided by the Jiguey Dam in the Ocoa area.

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