martes, noviembre 01, 2005

Selling Advanced Meters The Right Way

Mark Gabriel, President, Positive Energy Directions, has written for EnergyPulse a supperb article entitled "Why We're Selling Advanced Metering All Wrong... And How to Sell It Right."  I have made a comment which says:
I agree entirely with the article. I believe that selling it wrong has to do with vested interest of incumbent utilities, aiming to extend a business design that has gone beyond its useful life. Business design innovation around new interfaces (which performs metering among other functions) is poised to transform the electricity business in unimaginable way. Customer choice, however, will advance faster in those places where monopolies don't interfere with the development of free retail markets. The wire monopolies should be bypassed, by letting retailers/marketers become the intermediaries between the wholesale and retail markets: creating a new value chain.
José Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio, PhD