viernes, noviembre 04, 2005

Regulación Prudencial de los Detallistas de Electricidad y la Participación de la Industria de los Seguros

The most active discussion in DigitalPulse today (20 comments) has to do with Energy Efficiency and The Spectre of Free-Ridership: Is a Kilowatt Saved Really a Kilowatt Saved? In that respect, I have placed a comment that says:
I have a perception that under a different scenario, the dialogue might become simpler and converge to avoid altogether the free riders problem. That scenario is true retail deregulation, where retailers compete with each other to serve customers. In such a scenario, the regulator changes its job from rate case procedures (price controls) with utilities to prudential regulation of retailers.

In that respect, I find that the article by Joel Gordes "ElectroFinance: A Proposed Product for Insurers in a Deregulated Electric Market " as the means to finance energy efficiency (and Demand Response as well) efficiently.

Documenting a Search for "Business Case for Demand Response"

I searched the Internet for "Business Case for Demand Response" on yahoo and google and found only "The Business Case for Demand Response." The "Alternative" doesn't make it. I have experienced this kind of phenomena earlier on Internet and understand it quite well. I searched on and there was one link to EnergyPulse for the "Alternative.".

Deloitte Research (still another DR!) made a Scenarios Study and found that the Contibuity Scenario is what is expected by most companies. However, DR found that the next five years might turned out very different from the strategic plans of many companies.