miércoles, diciembre 20, 2006

Playing With Fire and Collapse Part 11

Reference: Playing With Fire and Collapse Part 10

Hi Arvid,

I suggest that you read the whole thing since it is a complex subject. That is why I said go as deep as possible. However, if you only want to look superficially, search for "Electricity WPC," "EWPC," and "electricity without price controls."

The third way is only in the article on the "future..." Above is another explanation on the historical notes. They use deregulation coming from "most of the other literature..." and the result was playing with fire...

Instead of playing with fire, it is better to develop simulation scenarios and to run system dynamics applied to water, gas and electricity – in a sense play with energy dynamics.

Arvid's comments,

José Antonio,

I will look into your articles about the, shall we call it, "third way"? ;)

And I note that we both agree that the old monopolies were better than the current system of deregulation. Concerning the EU pushed power and gas deregulation I have a rule; if they say something in Bruxelles, do the opposite.

( Spirits and liquor deregulation excluded ;) )

By the way, it's funny that no matter what the article we comment is about, we end up discussing power deregulation.

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