miércoles, diciembre 27, 2006

Playing With Fire and Collapse Part 22

Reference: Playing with Fire - The 10 Tcf/year Supply Gap -- Part I

Part 2 of 2.

On 12.20.06, Fred wanted to restart the debate, but was unsuccessful. Len suddenly decided to take command and defend his baby project IMEUC as an emerging deregulation project, saying to Fred “I would like to submit that on de-regulation I believe you are wrong (and therefore naturally and to my regret, myself for a failing grade).”

On 12.21.06 I defused Prof. Banks argument about “NO TINKERING ON THE DEMAND SIDE CAN OFFSET THE GAMING AND LACK OF INVESTMENT ON THE SUPPLY SIDE!” He said nothing, which to the untrained eye means he accepted the arguments. However, being a great downloader he repeated it later on in response to James.

On 12.24.06 Mr. Carson came to respond Banks on the “NO TINKERING…” argument that he didn’t defend.

Trying to reframe the debate, on 12.25.06, I rephrased Fred’s “NO TINKERING…”argument in a generative dialogue sense. But, on 12.26.06, Mr. Carson’s did not “listen” as his aim was to keep debating.

Before completing my 12.26.06 response to Len, which starts with “Generative dialogue synthesis,” I said “I have ‘listened’ carefully to Len’s opinions and perceive that his interests, by going farther than necessary, go well beyond Phase One. Other parties representative of the larger whole – high social complexity - with different interests – regulators, generation of differing kinds, wholesale, retail, transmission, distribution, fuel supply, manufacturers of systems and equipments, etc. - are invited to participate in the generative dialogue.”

On 12.26.06 Len asked for a time out of “perhaps a couple of weeks…”

I hope to have taken away some of the interference that seems to exist on the generative dialogue.


José Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio, PhD

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