sábado, diciembre 16, 2006

Playing With Fire and Collapse Part 3

Reference: Playing With Fire and Collapse Part 2

Hi again,

There is more food for thought on the “sense of urgency” as a key issue. Please check on the Interview on Proposed Windfall Profits Tax >>, Report on Business Television on April 28, 2006 on ANDY WEISSMAN'S SPEECHES & WEBCASTS, to understand the “in the process will be a huge amount of damage,” that results from complex interdependencies not being acknowledge with the required sense of urgency. By the way, Andy is underlined in the interview as “In defense of big oil.”

Murray Duffin and Bill Paine info about uncertainty of data also helps the business case for Energy Dynamics development.

System dynamics is the tool to look at growth and collapse processes by understanding system dynamic structure. The emergent EWPC paradigm is oriented in “defense of the customer,” with special emphasis on the opportunities for the development of markets at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Energy Dynamics is the tools to study the flaws of deregulation, without real live costly experiments. I am wide open to test and optimize EWPC with emerging Energy Dynamics simulation experiments.

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