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A Generative Dialogue Without Illusions Part 17

On January 9th, 2006, I posted the following message under the article Playing with Fire – Part II:

Hi Fred and Len,

Good points Fred about what is known. As far I know, this is what is emerging with EWPC.

Part 1 of 2.

In what I posted today, when I said “To mitigate congestion and price spikes - both of which signal whole system risk of failure - ultraquality is needed based on both resources of the supply side and on the demand side,” should be sufficient to take care, together with no/nonsense prudential regulation, in disallowed that “the seller … achieve a high price by deliberately under-investing and driving up marginal cost…”

Electricity reform is a very complex problem and as such it can only be useful in a generative dialogue, where insights are placed on the right spot to solve the puzzle. On important insight about EWPC is emerging as central generation is being displaced from center stage.
In a post to both of you, on 11.23.06, under the article AMI Services Solutions for Alberta's Deregulated Market, by Nick Clark, I said:

Most electric power reforms are unstable. For example, European market liberalization will run into a wall if distribution is kept separate from transmission and let generators exercise and abuse market power. Market power is neutralized by keeping a T&D only wires monopoly that assures long run and short physical risk management. In the new paradigm center stage changes from generation to the T&D infrastructure.

The result will be a robust, complete and fully functional non-real time market that does not interferes with real time power system operation, as the T&D (engineering) system operator takes charge of committed resources on the supply and demand side… I like to see competing paradigms that are also emerging.

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