sábado, enero 13, 2007

A Generative Dialogue Without Illusions Part 19

On January 11th, 2006, I posted the following message under the article Playing with Fire – Part II:

Steven has given some of the elements to be considered in a scenario - named playing with fire - centered on Model 2 to protect vested interest in electric power. I think it will be a plausible scenario to be avoided. Environmental pressures are denied; holocaust is an issue, etc.

Another scenario based on EWPC should be written, whose elements are in Part I and II of Playing with Fire. The EWPC for the customer scenario - named putting out the fire - should be promoted. The resources of the demand side, including energy efficiency, demand response, CHP-waste heat heating , hybrid cars and other distributed resources, should have the same opportunities as central stations by taking down the "native" load barrier. Environmental pressures are acepted; holocaust is not an issue, etc.

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