martes, agosto 28, 2007

Len Ask: What Is Transportation?

Len Gould does not see any difference between the Ontario power market architecture and design and EWPC.

Transportation is one the most important issue that separates Ontario from EWPC. As shown in PART III of Solving the Tough Electric Power Market Problem, the essence of EWPC is “the generic market model paradigm: retail competition with active demand and ultraquality transportation.”

Transportation is transmission integrated with distribution. By dividing transportation into two different companies that follow their internal rules, a transmission company and a distribution company, a mistake of large proportion was made. The aim of a transportation bares bone utility company is ultraquality, as is used in the design and operation of nuclear power plants and space vehicles.

The retailers’ discussion is over now. Nat Treadway statement is not a personal statement, likes your and mine, but an institutional statement he wrote very carefully and I am very sure he consulted it with his partners.

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