jueves, agosto 23, 2007

Len Gould Promissed a 3rd IMEUC Article on 12.26.06

Hi Todd and interested readers,

This year I wrote in EnergyPulse and said at Carnegie Mellon University that EWPC was the winning market (architecture and design) of the first phase of competition. I came to that conclusion after a very lengthy generative dialogue under the 2 Playing With Fire EnergyPulse articles.

At some point in the dialogue (it was dialogue, no debate), under playing with Fire Part I (I could include the link, but you don't like it), Len wrote on 12.26.06: "Jose Antonio: Your cogent discussion raises some issues with IMEUC which I hope to clarify in a third article in the series here on EnergyPulse in perhaps a couple of weeks, provided I can submit it up to the high standards of the editorial staff. Thank you."

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