martes, agosto 28, 2007

Ohio Needs to Consider EWPC

As can be seen from the comments under the EnergyPulse articles Finding Opportunity in the Global Warming Challenge and Progress Energy's Accelerated AMR Deployment: Commitment and Communication, Ontario's deregulation failure is the result of lacking the essential elements of Electricity Without Price Controls (EWPC): retail competition with active demand and ultraquality transportation.

The same case repeats itself in many jurisdictions, and Ohio is one of them. Today the Toledo Blade published the Editorial No Rush on Re-Regulation, saying "GOV. Ted Strickland has set a high bar for what should be his next major legislative initiative: re-regulating the electric business in Ohio," to which the paper conclude: "Simply put, the legislature should not be stampeded into a plan favoring business and industry at the expense of residential customers. Like water, electricity is a commodity that virtually all Ohioans need to survive, and its price must kept reasonable."

The concepts of EWPC should be strongly considered in the process of re-regulating the electric business in Ohio. If you are from Ohio, make sure that a generative dialogue is performed with all the stakeholders.

For a synthesis on EWPC please read Solving the Tough Electric Power Market Problem.

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