martes, agosto 07, 2007

2nd Time: Ontario is Far From EWPC

In response to my request to Len on 8.6.07:
Before going any further, I feel entitled to request you whether you prefer to continue as an skeptic after many patient explanantions on the need for retailers. The whole point is after saying at the end of 2005 "Jose: You're close, just not going quite far enough. You need to eliminate your "Retail marketers" ... And as you accept that you are not your opinion, have you change your opinion? Are you still a skeptic about EWPC being the winning market design and architectural model?

After expressing "I won't be interacting further," he wrote on 8.7.07

I would also add that the "2GR" retailers you propose in your model is already proving a failure in many jurisdictions, eg. Ontario. 1) My present retailer has signed me to a 5 yr contract, but still can only point to a simple-cycle gas turbine as the only recent addition to capacity, the worst of all possible additions. 2) The government had to mandate an improvement in metering to a "partial and dumb TOU system", again the worst of all choices but definitely better than any retailer has proposed to me.

This is such a waste of time.

Under the article The Dawn of Electricity Competition: Efficient Prices and Efficient Choices, by Nat Treadway, Managing Partner, Distributed Energy Financial Group, LLC, has 37 comments, I had already responded to what Len Gould said on 6.11.07.

Jose Antonio: Here in Ontario, we're already operating under EWPC, and believe me, I'm not impressed.

Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio had replied on 6.11.07


According to ABACUS:

Texas has made excellent progress to show that they are on the dawn of electricity competition. Please recall my comments above about Texas, which is not operating under EWPC.

Ontario is far from Texas, having made only medium progress (placed in position 11, after 10 other states). I agree you should not be impressed with the progress of Ontario, because Ontario is not operating under EWPC.