jueves, octubre 18, 2007

Full Retail Choice Emerges

As customer value migrates a paradigm shift of full retail choice emerges under EWPC from R&D discoveries that allows retail and wholesale competition without incumbent retailers.

Full Retail Choice Emerges

By José Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio, Ph.D.

Systemic Consultant: Electricity

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Dear Professor Ramírez Orquín,

The R&D you envisioned in your article The Structural Shortcomings of Retail Provider Choice in Distribution have resulted in my discoveries of EWPC as a paradigm shift (away from vertical integration) to where customer value has migrated.

The EWPC paradigm essence (from Synthesis Proposal Agreement of EWPC) is retail competition without incumbent retailers, demand integration (see Demand Integration Under EWPC) and ultraquality (T&D integrated) transportation.

As distribution becomes an integral part of transportation under EWPC structuring without incumbent retailers, the shortcomings disappear and full retail choice emerges as Second Generation Retailers (see Second Generation Retailer - 2GR), not the first generation retailers of your article, compete under federal prudential regulations (which should hopefully become global prudential regulations under the discipline of the WTO).

Please read The Sixth Disruptive Technology to understand 2GRs role on business model innovations and to get a feel of the paradigm shift value migration and my suggestion of WTO discipline.


José Antonio

Reference and context: The Potential for an Effective and Timely Deregulatory Endeavor, by Alberto Ramirez Orquin, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez.