martes, noviembre 06, 2007

EWPC As The New Internet

EWPC is sufficiently flexible to enable a transformation ot the electric power industry into the new internet.

EWPC As The New Internet

By José Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio, Ph.D.

Systemic Consultant: Electricity

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Dear Mr. Tornal, Mr. Powers and Mr. Gould,

With a lot of respect for the author, I understand that DER is just one of the six disruptive technologies already identified (please see The Sixth Disruptive Technology) under electricity without price controls (EWPC) for the transformation of the electric industry. EWPC is the winning market architecture and design breakthrough paradigm shift that satisfies "... these changes and require new ways of thinking and operating..." that the author calls for.

I agree with Mr. Gould about "...a difficult time seeing any plus side in this transition for incumbent utilities..." However, instead of doubts, I see Second Generation Retailer - 2GR business model innovations disruptive technologies, developed under EWPC, eventually fully enabling the new electric internet.

Contrary to the idea that "... often times without the awareness of the elctric utility," 2GRs will have the necessary awareness, as they integrate demand to power system planning, operation and control.

By looking at the "Speaker Notes," of Mr. Powers, I see no inconsistence on EWPC to support it as a likely scenario. Agreeing with the drivers, 2GRs will be able to enable such long-range vision of the "energy-moving business" in the open market, while the centralized transportation (no just transmission) utilities do the actual movement.

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Reference and context: Distributed Energy Resources - The New Internet?, by Jeff Tolnar, Chief Technology Officer, BPL Global.