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Smart Grid America Forum II - Shift into the Customer Era

Posted At : October 14, 2010 8:54 AM
Posted By : Katarina Prochazkova - American Leaders Blog

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At Smart Grid America Forum II, February 15th and 16th 2011, in Washington DC¸ delegates and speakers will consider a set of questions and contribute to a set of collective judgments. Was 2010 the year that pushed Smart Grid out of the boardroom, into marketing departments, and firmly into the American lexicon? Will 2011 be the year that Smart Grid’s paradigm shifts toward consumer utilization, and sales? Has recent resistance from Public Utilities Commissions, and met by utilities attempting to move ahead with AMI and real time pricing, forced Smart Grid stakeholders to re-examine strategy? Conference’s keynote speakers reveal more…

As the conference takes shape, the growing pool of industry leaders, advisors, and early bird delegates will set the tone. They will confront these questions, driving the discussion that follows to steer Smart Grid discourse on to new themes, models, and practices.

Propelled by a mix of keynote speakers, panel & roundtable discussions, and a PR workshop, the conference relies on experienced leadership and depth of perspective from visionaries like PhD. Peter Fox-Penner.

His presentation will link major challenges facing the utility industry: climate change investments, declining sales and the demand for further energy efficiency; as well as smart grid. As these forces interact, and current regulatory compacts and business models become unsustainable; what structures will remain? How will legislation and the competencies of regulation adapt to these needs?

With many key structural issues underlying current Smart Grid Business Models laid out, we can explore the shifting emphasis from infrastructure and software, towards products and services focused on new & renewed utility-customer relationships. How dramatic will the shifts need to be to reinvigorate the sector?

Join PhD. Jose Antonio Vanderhorst Silverio -systemic consultant in the electric power industry and 38 year veteran of the IEEE- in his quest for a fundamental solution that will require deep policy changes “of the highest leadership to restore effectiveness to the whole electric power industry, moving it from an era of mass production to a systems era.”

To demonstrate this, he will explore the integration of key cross-cutting issues needed to reactivate the economy with new energy (mainly electricity), communication (including IT), and construction sector policies. “Resorting to independent symptomatic regulatory solutions is no longer sufficient to face the serious problems of an obsolete mass production energy policy that has led to an unsustainable overexpansion of the resources of the supply side.”

Delegates will be able to appraise these two visions through fresh presentations and case studies provided by our other keynote speakers. Southern California Edison will detail how they have used Demand Side Management to augment their Smart Grid activities. HOK architecture will share lessons learned from their experience in Green Building, integrating energy efficiency and “smart” technologies into their concepts. OPower, will present on their deepening knowledge of customer engagement and behaviors. Hlinko Consulting chimes in on pumping up your Smart Grid efforts using web based PR and Marketing.

Join us in the coming weeks for updates on speakers and their activities, conference news, and other American Leader’s information. We look forward to seeing you in February.

Event website: http://www.americanleaders.com/events/smart-grid-america.html

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