miércoles, abril 06, 2011

The Electricity Without Price Controls Architecture Framework as a Plausible Scenario

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
April 6th, 2011

Mr. Jake Dunagan
IEEE Spectrum's Smart Grid 2025 Game Project Leader
Institute For The Future
Palo Alto, California, USA

Dear Mr. Dunagan,

Good morning!

In order to do what we need to do today to create the best possible future plausible scenario for the smart grid, the emergent, inclusive, holistic, simple, and minimalist, Electricity Without Price Controls Architecture Framework (EWPC-AF) was shown to have what it takes, in at least four of the ten engagements, that mutually reinforced each other, initiated by the EWPC-AF_Creator. For that outlier performance, it deserves to be given an opportunity to be widely known all over the whole world. Denying it such opportunity I humbly understand would be unfair to humanity.

The above is in sharp contrast to the game introductory video that shows a Status Quo scenario, which was shown to lead to an exclusive, fragmented Smart Grid, with several variants that are highly complex, incremental extensions of the century old, obsolete, Investor Owned Utilities Architecture Framework (IOUs-AF). The obsolescence has a lot to do with an old world that was based on the no longer available guarantee of cheap energy, while the EWPC-AF is for a new world that will grow based on a guarantee of cheap information.

The day after tomorrow will be three weeks that the IEEE Spectrum Smart Grid 2025 game ended and with the analysis that I have supplied both the IEEE Spectrum and the IFTF now will have sufficient information to let the players and the world know the results. As you have witness, I have insistently done a lot work, during and after said game, to contribute to its success, while being happy to have enable you to write “Great work on the … analysis so far.”

Interpreting your call "Let’s keep ‘em coming,” to complete my analysis, I have made the following self explaining tweet:
gmh_upsa: Proposed Standing of the Remaining Players of the @IEEESpectrum #SmartGrid2025 Game http://bit.ly/GMH017 #EWPC @iftf #ForesightEngine
If you need anything else from me to expedite the results, please write to javs@ieee.org

Best regards,

José Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio, Ph.D.
Systemic Consultant: Electricity
IEEE Life Member

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