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"The Coming Renaissance" of Business Model (not Price) Competition under EWPC-AF

In The coming renaissance in electric power retailing (and what it means for the smart grid), Jesse Berst changes his mind when he wrote "...Now I understand that there are other ways to create value besides just price." Below you can find a comment I posted under his article to call his attetion to Business Model (not Price) Competition under EWPC-AF.
Hi Jesse,

Good morning!

With that shift in your mental model, I guess you are ready to take a renaissance look at the Electricity Without Price Control Architecture Framework (EWPC-AF). Next is a recent update:

To get familiar with the EWPC-AF, I suggest reading the long discussion I had with Mr. James Carson. The discussion continued under the first and second entry that can be seen on the "Four Entries Bundle on the #EWPC-AF posted on November 30 and December 8, 10, and 13, 2009 http://bit.ly/EWPC93 That bundle gives a much complete picture of the EWPC-AF at the end of 2009.

In the second entry, "I think the Debate on the IOUs and EWPC Architecture Frameworks is Over," Mr. Carson wrote "The debate is indeed over. My point that no sane regulator would ever follow Jose Antonio's plan has not been refuted." That was his last post. You could see my response to him, but I have below a much simple one as a result of the IEEE Spectrum Smart Grid of 2025 Game (in which I came in 1st place), as can be seen from the following plays:

Momentum Card by EWPC-AF_Creator: "Set the energy policy priority as system performance first, short run economic costs second."

Adaptation Card by capt_stargazer: "That would be great if it happened. Just doesn't reflect the reality of policy-making in my experience. Hopefully things could change!"

Adaptation Card by EWPC-AF_Creator: "That only happens very rarely when the old system is replaced by the new system, as it happened to banks in the Great Depression of 1930s."

Momentum Card by capt_stargazer: “Therefore, it makes sense to prepare for the next disruption and be ready to move when that window of change opens.”

Momentum Card by EWPC-AF_Creator: The IEEE Spectrum looks carefully to the EWPC post “Why the Smart Grid World Forum Requires Learning About T&D Transportation Ultraquality" ( I add here to look at the link http://bit.ly/8XF5b1 )

Momentum Card by capt_stargazer: “Rolling black-outs and failure of traditional grid provides real-time proving ground for micro-innovation.”

Momentum Card by EWPC-AF_Creator: “SG eliminates the need to open medium voltage circuit brakers. A whole new ball game opens in all kinds of innovation on the power industry.”

End of the tree branch.

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