viernes, febrero 10, 2012

Will Germany be the First Country to Adopt the EWPC-AF?

After reading the press release of Germany’s Federal Network Agency Bundesnetzagentur, I think that Germany will be the first country to adopt the Electricity Without Price Controls Architecture Framework (EWPC-AF). It seems that the key elements paper on “smart grids and smart markets” follows, quite strikingly close, what has emerged as the EWPC-AF, which as the paper says “…calls for a clear separation of the areas of smart grids and smart markets.” As can be seen in the above mentioned EWPC-AF link, the “smart grid” is called T&D Grid and the “smart market” the Enterprise.

I understand that the emerging paradigm shift in the making towards the EWPC-AF is critically expressed with the systemic statement “While this requires a shift in thinking on the part of the industry, it promises to deliver innovative and efficient solutions for the system as a whole.” In that quote I am happy to see a signal that the introduction of the EWPC article A Better Decade Require the End of the Prevailing Style of Management, which says “This is the time of informed predictions on the New Year. As can be seen below, I was led to concentrate myself not just on the New Year, but on the New Decade to predict the widespread adoption of the Electricity Without Price Control Architecture Framework (EWPC-AF), which I designed as a basic innovation,” is starting to come true just two years into the decade.

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