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From better places… to the emerging civilization

First update. Can this qualify under "It’s A Time For Disobedience: MIT Media Lab Will Pay $250,000 To Support It?" This is about "The new prize for disobedience, funded by LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman, wants to reward creative nonviolent protest by activists or government officials who stop illegal acts." I have more examples to offer to anyone interested in nominating me for a new type of award: a prize for disobedience.

While some of the links in the initial post don´t work anymore, here I have what has organically emerged, for example, under the post A Systemic Civilization Global Declaration of Interdependence 14 Dec 2014.
First update of February 2, 2015.

Second update: 5 min. video. Is systemic corruption a problem of civil obedience? 24 Jun 2015

Third update: How much does Greece matter to the 99.9%? 25 Jun 2015

Fourth update: What about a high leverage European referendum that avoids the Greece's crisis go to waste? 27 Jun 2015

Fifth update: Will the Eurozone continue in its Doom Loop unless the Troika is killed? 28 Jun 2015

Sixth update.  A Systemic Declaration of Interdependence model for COP21. 29 Nov 2015
Seventh update. Global Debout proposal to create Systemic Civilization solves Big Problems. 8 Jul 2016

Eigth update. See how the Industrial Civilization 'Groupthink' is hiding the Big Ideas emerging from The Wealth of Globalization.  9 Dec 2016

Ninth update. Great System of Profound Knowledge ideas for the management theory of the Wealth of Globalization. 16 Dec 2016

Tenth update. Can the solution to Micklethwait and Wooldridge’s Revolution 3.5 on Big Government be on The Wealth of Globalization? 18 Dec 2016

Eleventh update. A letter to Ken Silverstein in response to his timely article  Is American Enterprise More Powerful Than The President Of The United States?” 1 Dec 2016

Twelfth update. Proposal and complement of a third scenario for the IV CAF-LSE CONFERENCE in London January 13, 2017. 11 Jan 2017
Thirteenth update.  There is nothing so powerful as The Wealth of Globalization whose time has come. 16 Jan 2017

Fourteenth update. All processes of global restructuring under the Washington Consensus resulted in legalized corruption.  21 Jan 2017

Fifteen update. Is Donald Trump a disruptive transitional not transformational figure, as Katrina vanden Heuvel suggested? 22 Jan 2017

Sixteenth update. Do President Trump’s initial actions trying to fulfill campaign commitment approximate the First Degree of Clarity?  6 Feb 2017

Seventeenth update. For French, German, Dutch Global Debout voters: please claim for the bright globalization.  7 Feb 2017

Eighteenth update.  French, German, Dutch Global Debout voters need a new 'common sense' to help emerge the bright globalization. 8 Feb 2017
Nineteenth update. Can French, German, Dutch Global Debout voters help us avoid world war by choosing bright globalization?  10 Feb 2017

Twentieth update. Our response to Yanis Varoufakis: Grexit 'never went away' is that the EU is a Titanic under #DarkGlobalization.  11 Feb 017

Twenty-first update. As we’re all developing countries now, it is time to leapfrog to the systemic civilization. 25 Feb 2017

Twenty-second update. Synthesis: this is the proof why society needs to create the systemic civilization.  18 Mar 2017.

From better places… to the emerging civilization

Summary: as the world run by Cartesians (as defined here) is under huge systemic problems, the rest of the world needs to unite themselves into Peircians (also defined here) to enable the systemic civilization to emerge. A Spanish version of this article without hyperlinks is available here.

I recently experienced first hand the term "from better places I have been thrown out…" but instead of being sad, I was glad to learn so much in a sacrifice for others. In a hectic process of discussion in the Design Thinking Group , which is supposed to be the ideal means to solve wicked or systemic problems that affect billions of people, it became clear why the promises of that movement have not arrived.

To arrive, you need leaders to change the René Descartes Cartesian paradigm legacy to another more linked to reality. That was how the Cartesian administrator demonstrated her lack of leadership when she decided to expel me. Then the Cartesian administrator of the IEEE Smart Grid Group , took advantage of that fact to expel me for my insistence on a systemic code of ethics, the repeated request that the status quo respond to criticism made about the development of such smart grids and other larger issues so that the IEEE can fulfill the promise to advance technology for humanity. Update June 11, 2012 - please read Daniel Gulati's blog post Be Proud of Your Accomplishments, Not Your Affiliations

Also under the numbing effect of the Cartesian paradigm, a friend asked me alarmed, did you sent a message to many people where you say you were kicked out of two groups? I said yes because I learned to recognize the emerging civilization Carlos Fuentes anticipated before he died.

I noted that Carlos Fuentes said that for young people in the world there are many shortages and inadequacies ... in the world young people are demonstrating for a different civilization ... he could not define ... that was the result of the inability of many governments to meet those needs. Many of these young people are mistaken blaming the system for their problems, when guilt is precisely the lack of leadership to implement the system. So I suggest that the emerging civilization is systemic.

It is clearly shown that neither the consensus nor the opinion of the majority, consisting in believing that which is agreeable to reason, are reliable methods of fixing belief, because they don’t contrast with the reality experienced. For example, we are tired of promises and broken promises.

I identified the consensus and the opinion of the majority are driven by the obsolete Cartesian paradigm and linked them to what W. Edwards Deming proposed that demonstrates the tyranny of the prevailing style of management that prevents timely leadership not only here but almost everywhere in the world. To resolve the situation, Deming proposed a change to what he called the system of profound knowledge.

How to implement the system of profound knowledge? The answer is a change to the paradigm proposed by the great philosopher of the United States of America, Charles Sanders Peirce, who showed that the only method that comes close to reality, is the scientific or experimental that integrates truth, beauty and goodness, which were separated by the Cartesian paradigm.

The issue that divides people into practical and theoretical is a result of the Cartesian paradigm that is dissolved in the Peircian paradigm by being replaced with the fixation of beliefs with an action oriented scientific attitude. Instead of frustration, all I see are missed opportunities for organizations and society in general. This is an example of what systemic leadership, based on the Peircian paradigm, should help us face the dictatorship of the prevailing style of management.

From better places I have been thrown out... and I hope they call me from even better places.

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