martes, diciembre 04, 2012

Low cost power?

After a few interchanges under the EnergyPulse article, What to do when customers like gas rationing and politicians better than their utilities?, by Mark Gabriel, Michael Keller said "... huh? Customers need power without having to engage in complicated arbitrage schemes and allied complications. Seems simple enough. So provide low-cost power."

Next is my response:

You mean low-cost power… that’s also reliable under a responsibility to serve. As can be seen from the above discussion, those days are long gone. That’s what the marketing myopia explains.

Customers need to have the opportunity to combine central service with self service under a customer orientation at their discretion at any given moment. That’s how people were able to buy cars and fly planes, with other infrastructure that were not rails. A new Energy Policy Act is needed to make use, for example, of the Internet infrastructure that will enable the electricity Smart Market place.

I wrote above that "I am writing about the Smart Grid transformation. Yes most customers don't know yet, but sooner or later they are bound for a big surprise…" All customers need is set and forget systems, that they perceive gives them the value they need in the competitive Smart Market place, like they do, for example, when they buy a computer laptop. The surprise will arrive when they get a proposal they are not expecting but will love. That's what the business model competition is all about.

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