domingo, noviembre 24, 2013

Great electric service: first correction

The post Great electric service states that:
Similar work like “Change by design: how design thinking transforms organizations and inspires innovation,” HarperCollins 2009, by Tim Brown leads to the same result with different wording: overlapping innovation criteria is at the intersection of 1) (technological) feasibility, 2) (economic) viability, and 3) (social) desirability.
While the economic and social reflect well the interpretation, technological was not intended by Tim Brown. That’s because Collins’ Hedgehog Concept is the driver and creator of momentum, while technology is just an accelerator. The update of the three circles in now interpreted with the help of Tim Brown's for feasibility, desirability, and viability. What you can be the best in the world at is the result of developing what is feasible (functionally possible within the foreseeable future). What you deeply passionate about is what is desirable (what make sense to people and for people). What drives your economic engine is what is viable (likely to become part of a sustainable business model).