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A virtual referendum: say YES to replace mediocre politician with great statesman

La traducción de esta nota se puede leer en Un referéndum virtual: decir SI para reemplazar político mediocre con gran estadista.
What follows is mainly supported by posts on the Grupo Millennium Hispaniola Blog, which in March 15, 2015, will be 10 years old. Clearly recognizing the big differences between him and myself, please consider this post, as an emulation of Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation of the Catholic Church. This time the change is from what has become uncivilized capitalism to an emergent humanistic capitalism.

While in recent months, the concentration of posts dealt mainly with the local situation, which started with an invitation to shift from traditional and widespread pragmatic conversations, centered in the short term, to deeper conversations about possibilities in the long term, in the last month it has concentrated in the great opportunities available in external global environment and attracting well meaning retweeters to what has emerged as a cause.

This is the case of the Eurozone in general and the unitary countries problems of some of its members, such as UK, Spain, Italy, Belgium, etc., was showing the possibility of an independence avalanche, which no doubt was bound to affect us sooner than later. Referring mainly to those recent posts, I will try to synthesize below parts of the findings, for example, also available through twitter under @gmh_upsa.

Now it seems that the independence avalanche has been stopped. I propose that the source of the status quo winning with a NO to Scotland independence referendum is the strong influence of global systemic corruption.

Such corruption is driven in places where money governs, leading as a result to mediocre politicians as head of state. The proposed alternative is to have a world of interdependent countries, where wisdom governs. The main fact of this proposal is that it is now possible to use an action oriented scientific attitude that produces a new common sense to develop such statesman as heads of state. The best bet for that happening is still in the Eurozone.

For that reason, it is fair to say that the world has not lost (nor gain) much in the Scottish referendum, because they used the non reliable method of consensus, which only enables learning from the past, in a situation where the future is not close to a continuation of the past. In fact, there was no evidence, nor guarantee, that such systemic corruption would be addressed anyway.

Under the administration of mediocre politicians, which get to power by getting more money than adversaries, they make compromises that result in significant value extracting businesses, under systemic corruption. That in turns is the main source of the current global EcoNoMic depression, which fuels the social and environmental systemic crisis that polarizing most places of the world, where the middle class is disappearing, the rich is getting richer and the poor poorer.

As can be seen below, Twitter’s results of this week favors in:

1st place, September 14, EcoIsOurs as a powerful idea whose time has come;

2nd place, September 15, Scotland independence as a lie; and

3rd place, September 11, EcoIsOurs as a means to dissolve unitary country problems, all close below 1,500 tweets.

In fact, the tweet in 1st place is a synthesis of the tweet of the 3rd place. In addition, the tweet in 2nd place is the result of an application of the one in 1st place. It seems that systemic corruption didn’t interfere in the results, as this process is about learning from the emergent future and money doesn’t govern it.

Based on Steve Jobs' lesson, that you can only connect the points by looking backwards, all three tweets are connected among themselves in time. As we can recall, we have connected to the point of the 1st level architecture of the EcoIsOurs humanistic capitalism, from the 1st place of Twitter’s results of last week, with an outstanding more than 2,000 tweets, that questioned if EcoIsOurs could take us to wisdom and happiness. It is easy to see that it is such results that now drive the suggested virtual referendum.

Looking backwards, I can now reflect on the lower scope point of the 2nd level architecture that supports Great electric service, which is already available for any world statesman to consider. I am happy to say that it is available for entrepreneurs and researchers to develop other lower level of the electric power architecture.

Last, but certainly not least, I suggest that point is also an example to emulate to develop other 2nd level architectures for statesman to consider in order to define and introduce simple incentives and disincentive that will lead to complex and intelligent value added services. By introducing the EcoIsOurs 1st level architecture, that increases the scope beyond any political, social, cultural, ethnic, religious or climatic differences, the YES vote intends to replace the obsolete status quo EcoNoMy savage (no longer civilized) capitalism with the emerging EcoIsOurs humanistic capitalism.

Jose A Vanderhorst S,
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