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A proposal Spanish voter is not expecting but might love starting on electricity

What follows is a synthesis based on the background that has been pinned to the @gmh_upsa Twitter account. Under the article IMF warns Spain that economic growth may slow over next five years, written by Amanda Mars for El País, I added the following comment:

An emerging minimalist State political party in Spain that unites #15M market servant-leaders under direct democracy to create the first Golden Age of a new civilization might win the next elections.  It’s based on a change of course scenario to the brilliant future that recognizes that the 15-M movement planted a seed back in 2001 about the emergence of a new civilization.  Such course change to transition to the new civilization has a huge work opportunity on non-repetitive jobs that closely aligns worker performance to today’s volatile environment as John Hagel explains in the video. There is one key example available on how to start such a process towards the Golden Age in the Electricity Pact of the Dominican Republic that resolves the deep structural problems with direct democracy that the IMF was unable to address under representative democracy with their simplistic recipes. To see the above mentioned video and today’s Spanish scenario, please take look at the [this] post A proposal Spanish voter is not expecting but might love is anchored on electricity pact. 
As John Hagel's video helps to positively answer the questions on the post Was the Smart Grid 2025 a transition scenario? Do we need a transformation scenario?, As that post strongly supports the Electricity Pact of the Dominican Republic, next is the complement to the above comment:
In addition to the above scenario with a brilliant future where the IMF has no role at all, Spain has a business as usual scenario without a future in which IMF recipes continue its damaging role. The news article covers that scenario as the combination of the industrial civilization and representative democracy.  That scenario aim towards the 2nd Middle Ages that was partially repressed the 15-M movement back in 2011. For lack of knowing about the new civilization, it’s under this scenario that the 15-M movement emerged as the Podemos and Ciudadanos political parties that are competing on the next elections. This other scenario is keeping high youth unemployment on industrial civilization repetitive jobs. Such high unemployment is mainly the result of technology job replacement. 

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