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Preventing a global representative democracy bubble explosion with electricity

Fourth update. How US Congress can return people's confidence with Great Capitalism. In order to avoid the representative democracy explosion, under a new Great Depression as a result of mediocre capitalism, not just to Donald Trump, but to anyone of the candidates that becomes president of the United States, please consider the advice of the third update of this post that says:
To avoid backfiring once again, the way to fill the center is with an EcoIsOurs fundamental balancing solution of emerging direct democracy systemic markets that help shrink the representative democracy to its proper size.

We suggest to end the excesses of representative democracy, by learning how the end arrived for the old regime during the old Great Depression and how a new regime was inagurated that returned people's confidence, according to William L. Silber in Why Did FDR’s Bank Holiday Succeed?:
This article demonstrates that the Bank Holiday that began on March 6, 1933, marked the end of an old regime, and the Fireside Chat a week later inaugurated a new one. The Emergency Banking Act of 1933, passed by Congress on March 9—combined with the Federal Reserve’s commitment to supply unlimited amounts of currency to reopened banks— created de facto 100 percent deposit insurance. Moreover, the evidence shows that people recognized this guarantee and, as a result, believed the President on March 12, 1933, when he said that the reopened banks would be safer than the proverbial “money under the mattress.”
The end of the "mere anarchy... loosed upon the world" because of the lack of confindence on political anti-systems in the United States and to name a few, for example, in Spain with Catalonia, in the European Union with Brexit and in Dominican Republic with Pacto Eléctrico, as a result of a regime that has greatly reduced confidence on representative democracy. In order to change to a new regime, please consider the post Dominican Electrical Pact may collapse inequality by leaping capitalism from Good to Great, whose update of 25 January 2015. reads as follows:
“Give me a lever and a place to stand and I will move the earth.” -- Archimedes

“The stakes are too high: our era is too complex, its challenges too significant, its promises too great, and its velocity too fast for us simply to react. Rather we must amplify the power of our brains, individually and collectively, to match our new circumstances.” -- Eamonn Kelly – Powerful Times

"[Y]ou can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something -- your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life." -- Steve Jobs, Stanford University commencement address, June 2005.
Steve Jobs’ quote gives us another insight into the common sense of Jobsism that matches our current circumstance as defined by Eamonn Kelly. That quote tell us how to go Where the Magic Happens. Archimedes’s level is reinterpreted below as a systemic leverage that is available in Dominican Republic electricity sector to help start to change the world giving an example of how to reduce inequality with great markets that are fair under great capitalism.

Third update. To be found with EcoIsOurs, the balanced political center is up for grabs. This is an adjustment of the thought experiment of the second update conducted with an action oriented scientific attitude that suggests that there are not two centers, but just one that is empty at this time. What is being thought to be the center moved to the right long ago as representative democracy became anti-systemic resulting soaring inequality as a result of wealth subraction.

This adjustemt tries to change the understanding of Fareed Zakaria that "... the political center is under intense pressure — from left and right — all over the Western world." Instead as Yeast poem says we are still under "mere anarchy [that] is loosed upon the world," with an empty political center that in the primary elections of the United States is being grabed so far by Donald Trump, but by lacking EcoIsOurs they will backfire.

The experiment input came from what Noam Chomsky said, what used to be the left shifted to the right, sending wrong signals to the electorate that continue to erroneously to expect that the future is a continuation of the past. Eatly on, the pressure was made, for example, by the Arab Spring, the spanish 15-M indignados, and Occupy Wall Street movements, which were addressed by the fixes that failed described in the second update of this post. To avoid backfiring once again, the way to fill the center is with an EcoIsOurs fundamental balancing solution of emerging direct democracy systemic markets that help shrink the representative democracy to its proper size.

Second update. What to do before Trump explotes the global representative democracy bubble? In the last paragraph of the Washington Post article The GOP has two weeks to take down Donald Trump, Dan Balz, the paper Chief Correspondent, identified Donald Trump as a Black Swan, when he wrote:

Trump predicted Tuesday night that establishment money will come pouring in against him over the next two weeks as he seeks knockout blows against Rubio in Florida and Kasich in Ohio. Up to now, that opposition has been scattered and inconsistent. They are loading up now for what could be one last effort to prevent something unimaginable to them when this campaign began.
Donald Trump's Black Swan phenomena is strongly associated with an anti-systemic fix done by representative democracy Groupthink to the pro systemic Occupy Wall Street movement that is backfiring. As it is suggested here there is probably just one thing left that can be done to try to reverse the non stop escalation process that is enabling Trump to become president of the United States.

That one thing is not another fix, like those mentioned in the news Ted Cruz Calls On GOP Rivals To Endorse His Campaign To Stop Donald Trump, which is a fix that is self explained. But that news also has another fix in what Mark Rubio said in a Fox News interview on Tuesday: "I'm the only one who can stop Donald Trump, I'm the only one who can unify this party and grow it." In that regard, the Washington Post article says that "The fallacy of all this talk was underscored by former Utah governor Mike Leavitt."
"There’s this fallacy that some small group can get together and decide the outcome of this,” he said. “That does not exist. This is a marketplace of political ideas. The party is responsible for its structure but cannot dictate the outcome.
Donald Trump phenomena is just another example of the damage being done by the cartesian Groupthink statu quo that have led to big governments and have driven States to become anti-systemic by overshooting the limits of global representative democracy. To try to understand the situation, let's consider the post To Fareed Zakaria, thanks! But, Yeats is still right on, by bringing first the introduction of Fareed Zakaria's article:
“Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” It’s time to quote W.B. Yeats’s famous poem again. But this time, it really does seem that the political center is under intense pressure — from left and right — all over the Western world.
Being the result of an anti-systemic center that cannot hold in favor of neither sen. Ted Cruz nor sen. Marco Rubio, Trump phenomena can only be addressed by enabling the systemic center described in the "Second update. To Paul Krugman: let's 'destroy the EcoNoMy' to help emerge the EcoIsOurs by embracing Great Capitalism," of the post Replacing the Science of EcoNoMics with the System Profession of EcoIsOurs. But to change the situation, please consider the "Eighth update. Global synthesis: great capitalism first, elections second," of the World Economic Forum Davos 2016: Will #OWS and #15M love The Industrialist’s Dilemma?, which of course calls for inmediate action.

While it seems that it is too late to reverse the escalation that is helping Donald Trump become the next president of the United States under what we understand is an obsolete industrial civilization agenda by all camdidates, there is still an alternative based on the above mentioned "Second update. To Paul Krugman..." That alternative is a fundamental solution that we understand can only be exersized with a bipartisan initiative on the Congress of the United States of America to create the systemic civilization and enable Great Capitalism.

Such fundamental solution, similar to what President Franklin Delano Roosevelt anounced to solve the anti-sistemic banking crisis, which ended that old Great Depresion, can be solved by introducing an institutional innovation (true to the title of this post) on energy deregulation based on great civilization's direct demorcracy systemic markets, as mentioned in the "Seventh update. Should elections distract us from Great Capitalism, when politicians are not up to the job?," of the post "World Economic Forum...," which says:
Here is a critical example on deregulation. Needing to join information and transportation, to mutually reinforcing each other, as the key upper level drivers of socioeconomic growth, that lift all boats, energy deregulation has been left behind. Is inclusive capitalism ready to help emerge inclusive energy deregulation?
To show another important perspective of the global nature of the representative democracy bubble explosion in the making, please also consider the introduction of the article Ending the Syrian War, by Jeffrey D. Sachs, a well known Professor of Sustainable Development, which says that:
Syria is currently the world’s greatest humanitarian catastrophe and most dangerous geopolitical hotspot. The Syrian people are caught in a bloodbath, with more than 400,000 dead and ten million displaced." 
Starting to describe the situation, it is easy to see another instance of the system thinking archetype of fixes that backfire on indignados, as Professor Sachs wrote that:
The chronology is as follows. In February 2011, peaceful protests were staged in Syria’s major cities, amid the region-wide phenomenon dubbed the “Arab Spring.” The Assad regime reacted with a shifting mix of violent repression (shooting at demonstrators) and offers of reform. Soon, the violence escalated. Assad’s opponents accused the regime of using force against civilians without restraint, while the government pointed to the deaths of soldiers and policeman as evidence of violent jihadists among the protestors.
While suggessting to read the whole article to get a better sense, it is easy to see that the United States of America and its european allies are responsible for the fix that backfire and has escalated, for example, into the european refugee crisis (which gives an example of how to bypass Trumps' wall using the sea). In order to address that crisis, we suggested to please consider the "Second update. Can EU leaders reverse the migrant refugee crisis by creating the systemic civilization? of the above mentioned "World Economic Forum..." post.  In that post (which is an integral part of this one) it was suggested that:
To reverse that fear into the hope that 'There's An Alternative (TAA), please start by considering the September 2014 post Why the Eurozone leaders must change their common sense first, which is also the key to dissolve the Brexit risk break up and much more, like the ongoing Spanish political crisis and the Electricity Pact of the Dominican Republic, which are being addressed in the general backgound of this blog.
To generalize how to address the above instances of fixes that are backfiring, while being a bit redundant, please consider the "Fourth update. As direct democracy shrink states, all Indignados of the world have a Golden Age they are not expecting but will love," also of the "World Economic Forum..." post, from which we extract the following:
The decay of American political institutions is thus another case of representative democracy Groupthink, that has resulted in a big state that need to be shrinked to give the USA the opportunity to keep the lead by dissolving "The Industrialist’s Dilemma." That may be a great example to the European Union, China, India, Brazil, Russia, which will need to change their constitutions from independent countries to interdependent ones.

Even before that, Spain, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, which are under different collapse situations, may use the insights first, Spain is trying to form a majotity goverment under a Groupthink redline that opposes Catalonia independence and also the need to reform the constitution regarded as quasi-religious like in the USA. Puerto Rico is certainly under collapse and could be the first place where the USA might help entrepreneurs experiments with an action oriented scientific attitude.

Last, but not least, the collapse of electricity sector of the Dominican Republic is one of the most advanced projects there is to help Indignados see the emergence of the first Golden Age of the systemic civilization, in concert with opening of the elections of May 15 2016. As political parties become center stage following Jim Collins' "Tyranny  of the 'OR'" being pushed by the power of lots of money, this post suggest to adopt his "Genious of the 'AND'" that is based on the power of wisdom, to make shrinking the state primary and the elections secundary.
First update. Is Donald Trump competing under a global representative democracy bubble that the Electric Pact can prevent? Under the article Trump on illegal migration:  Trump pledges to deport all illegal workers from the US if elected, posted in the English edition of EL PAÍS, I added the following comment: 

Is Donald Trump campaign just another example of the bubble described in the post (this one) Preventing a global representative democracy bubble explosion with electricity. 
Please tell us if you think we should keep ourselves under the transition paradigm or we should shift to the transformation paradigm.

Preventing a global representative democracy bubble explosion with electricity

“What does ‘capitalism’ mean when Knowledge governs – rather than Money?” – Peter Drucker

“What does ‘capitalism’ mean when Wisdom governs – rather than Money?” – Peter Drucker's quote upgraded

The world is experiencing representative democracy acts all over the place that signal a great bubble in the making. Behind it is that capitalism is being governed by money. The Greek tragedy, the Petrobras scandal, and now Guatemala’s ‘the line’ are just a few recent examples on how a global representative democracy is about to explode.  Such a bubble can be prevented, for example, based on the post Applying #Jobsism to transform current global #Fordism marketing myopia that would shift capitalism to be governed by wisdom.

Based on the idea that markets were subject to failures that needed government interventions where money governed, representative democracy increased unnecessary State Fordism regulation creating growing State market disequilibrium that’s now leading to a huge representative democracy bubble. One such market is that of electricity, which was improperly restructured under a global Fordism transition scenario. But electricity can now set a great market example of direct democracy for other markets where wisdom will govern, by proper restructuring, as a Jobsism transformation response to the post Was the Smart Grid 2025 a transition scenario? Do we need a transformation scenario?

The best opportunity to apply Jobsism to start preventing the global representative democracy bubble explosion is [that] of the Electricity Pact of the Dominican Republic which. I guess, will enable the first example of direct democracy for the world. While the Electricity Pact was designed under the global Fordism paradigm, what needs to be done to make a shift to apply Jobsism is explained in the post Un cambio de paradigma para el Pacto Eléctrico (A paradigm shift for the Electricity Pact).

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