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Regalo de los Santos Reyes: inician en Alemania plataforma con mercado de electricidad al detalle

Estimados todos,


Este regalo es muy importante para los que quieren ver para creer: en Alemania emergió el primer gran ejemplo del desarrollo de los recursos del lado de la demanda, al cual debemos saltar para ir a favor de los sistemas, dejando atrás la concertación que permite los anti-sistemas. Dicho ejemplo aparece documentado en el artículo Renewable Energy Trading Launched in Germany, debajo del cual coloqué el siguiente comentario que aparece ligeramente editado:

John Hagel ‏@jhagel  - From hub and spoke to peer to peer: the beginning of a big shift in electric power markets http://bit.ly/1PD2109

Congratulations! Mr. Martin. Writing about other power markets, that might be restricted by electric sector anti-systems, which are described in our comments under your Dec 25 2015 article "Our Energy Transformation in 2015, you say here: "Unlike these systems, which connect consumers with producers, Sonnenbatterie’s platform allows members to both purchase and sell electricity—and it will incorporate battery storage, enabling suppliers to store energy from intermittent assets and sell it when the sun’s not shining and the wind’s not blowing."

Mr. Martin thanks a lot! This is a very timely contribution, which is a most welcome as it goes beyond the current low carbon transition of the COP21 Paris Agreement to the emerging no carbon transformation, corresponding to John Hagel's "big shift," As can be seen, it is also in accordance with many previous EWPC Blog posts, for example, these representative three and their linked posts:

1) Will Germany be the First Country to Adopt the EWPC-AF? Feb 2012

2) Why the Current Smart Grid Process Doesn’t Let the New Steve Job Connect the Dots Mar 2012

3) Conclusive evidence: transformative deregulation is the key to electric service innovation Sep 2015

¡Felices Reyes Santos!

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