miércoles, febrero 24, 2016

Another Look at the California Deregulation Debacle

This post was not published in EWPC Blog.

In this slide 30 of the Carnegie Mellon University presentation, entitled “Another look at the California Deregulation Debacle,” It is proper to add that “The Wepex steering committee and technical teams have representative of investor-owned and municipal utilities as well as consumers, independent power producers, and marketers. A collaborative process is being used to provide an opportunity for filing to address the concernes of as many interested parties as possible and to seek a broad base of support among expected market participants.” However, “Only the investor-owned utilities, who will be making the application for the ISO and PX to the FERC and putting their transmission under the control of the ISO, are voting members of the steering committee. But all parties have been given an opportunity to actively participate in the discussions underlying the design of, and the implementation plan, for the new system.”


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