lunes, marzo 21, 2016

As the Debate Ended, the U.S. Government Should Consider Enabling an EWPC-AF Based Energy Policy Act

Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio | Dec 10, 2009

To get the details of the debate between Mr. James Carson and myself, under the EWPC article The Electricity Without Price Controls Architecture Framework, please hit the read hyperlink here (and below for the other article).
I claim that the debate is now over, because of what I wrote under the EWPC article Just as Pogo, IOUs Found the Enemy (information within brackes is added now to help enhance the context):
Only two very intelligent and important persons [I recall from the article that James is one of them] had the courage to respond to the original invitation [under another article], and it seems, that for all practical purposes, that was enough to complement all of the others persons whose questions I have responded since the end of 2005 [I add that the EWPC Blog has surpassed recently the 200,000 views with nearly 200 articles and posts]. The lessons learned could be readily applied by Dr. Steven Chu to end the debate and get the industry stakeholders agree to open and transform the power markets.
Please read "readily applied" as to lead the whole process to get the U.S. Government to consider a new EWPA-AF EPAct that addresses the huge shortcomings of the obsolete and highly complex IOU-AF and its incremental extensions.

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