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Facilitating Research Navigation on

Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio | Jun 5, 2010

When you visit one blog page, like the one that corresponds to the EWPC Blog, with more than 200 entries since September 2007, you may find yourself with some research navigation difficulties. Once you get, for example, to the blog page, all you get to see in the left hand side are ten entries: the latest article in full and the first few lines of the next nine entries. Right now, the “More Entries” link, which is integrated  in other pages, is missing at the bottom of the blog page.
It seems that the solution to add the “More Entries” link is in the hands of the information technology maintenance team. In addition, I suggest adding at the bottom of the Home Page, maybe after the ‘WHAT IS A BLOG’ link, a “BLOG NAVIGATION” link. Maybe other navigation issues could be added as well.
In the mean time, one way to get the “More Entries” link in the EWPC Blog is to go to the “Search Area” in the “Toolbox” in the right hand column of the blog page, to search for the word ‘EWPC’. You will be able to navigate very fast to almost all of the entries in sets of ten. I invite other bloggers and readers to add comments on their insights that facilitate navigation.
An alternative way to research is by Monthly Navigation, which is an organized way to go to any post. Below the “Search” item on the blog page, there is a “Calendar Area” with all the days of the present month. If you want browse, month by month, you could hit the arrows “<<” to go backwards to the “previous month” or “>>” to go forward to the “next month.” If you want to see all articles of the month, you hit the link in the month itself (for example, “May 2010”). If you want to see the posts entry or entries on a specific day, which are blue (not gray), you “View the Blog Entries Posted on This Day.”


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