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Foundation Capital Need to Get Out of the Box

Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio | Sep 7, 2009

Under the Earth2Tech article Smart Grid in a Box Courtesy of Foundation Capital, by Katie Fehrenbacher, I posted the following comment:
Hi Katie,
In the theses “For the smart grid, there’s a certain venture firm that’s got investments in enough pieces of the grid that, while the startups aren’t technically vertically integrated, it means the venture firm’s got enough players to cover the entire length of the smart grid network, which can be mighty attractive in a utility deal” it seems to me and maybe to Joe Miller that there is still a missing piece that will make vertical integration just a pipe dream.
To learn about it, please take a look at the following tweet: Posted 2 comments under: What about Consumers? The Missing Piece to the Smart Grid Puzzle #EWPC 
As you will see, Joe's original article was posted on This same comment is also posted under the staff report Strategic Investing Creates Smart Grid in a Box, also on, that lead me to Katie's article.


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