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I think the Debate on the IOUs and EWPC Architecture Frameworks is Over

Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio | Dec 8, 2009

It took 13 posts and one week to debate the EWPC article The Electricity Without Price Controls Architecture Framework (please hit the red link) between Mr. James Carson and myself.
The article's summary stands as:
A new approach to power energy policy design, based on system’s architecting heuristics, has led to an emerging simplified synthesis of the power industry regulatory policy. Instead of undergoing business as usual regulatory proceedings, the approach to the Electricity Without Price Controls Architecture Framework is poised to replace the Investor Owned Utilities Architecture Framework and its incremental extensions that have evolved by analytic patchwork as a extremely complex system.


The debate is indeed over. My point that no sane regulator would ever follow Jose Antonio's plan has not been refuted.
James Carson

I recall that at the end of 2006, Mr. Carson wrote: "My intention is not to convince Professor Banks. My intention is to challenge his assertions with which I disagree. Thousands of people read these forums, and I think it is a bad idea for them to get the impression that Professor Banks reflects the prevailing consensus. Frankly, I expected a more spirited clash. He merely makes pronouncements with little support and fails to respond to my rejoinders."

I guess thanks to Mr. Carson's cooperacion, this time things are much different than with Fred Banks. The debate still has one point to go.
Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio

The debate has been over for several days. See "The Electricity Without Price Controls Architecture Framework" at

See also "States that Implement a Heterogeneous Grid are Poised to be the Winners," at
Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio


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