lunes, marzo 21, 2016

Super Grid: the Smart Grid that is Being Pushed

Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio | Mar 22, 2010


In synchronicity with the article Macrogrids and microgrids: another conversation, by Phil Carson, I posted the following comment: 
The Super Grid is a better name for the Smart Grid that is being pushed. It is based on the obsolete business model of utility winning rate cases to the regulator. We need to open the power industry to business model innovations.
To enable such innovations, state regulators need a new mandate to stop smart metering roll outs. The reason is that those roll outs are linked to the inhability of regulators capacity to make decisions about non-trivial high-tech marketing.
The main argument is that, by inaction, each State Government should be responsible to their constituencies for a very costly mistake that is being made by letting the Super Grid process continue without giving State Regulators the proper mandate. For the details, please read the EWPC article Is the Smart Grid that is Being Pushed a Costly Mistake?


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