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Synchronicity of the Emerging Whole Power Industry

Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio | Jul 23, 2010

Smart Energy Practices, Customer Engagement, is a timely article written by Phil Carson, Editor-in-chief of the Intelligent Utility Daily. Next is a comment I posted under said article:
High again Phil,
Peter Senge, C. Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworsky and Betty Sue Flowers, in their book “Presence: human purpose and the field of the future,” write about "synchronity" by saying that "Perhaps the most important aspect of crystallizing intent and prototyping is one that people rarely talk about. When people connect with their deeper source of intention, they often find themselves experiencing amazingly synchronistic events. In his classic Syncronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, Carl Jung defined synchronicity as "a meaningful coincidence of two or more events, where something other than probability of chance is involved." They add “Intel’s David Marsing told Joseph that “Synchronicity is about being open to what wants to happen.”
Well in synchronicity with the simple, emerging and holistic EWPC-AF and this article your wrote (and another one you wrote that is mentioned below), I wrote two comments in what I see as a generative dialogue (to learn about the emerging future whole) in the LinkedIn Smart Grid, AMI, HAN group, under the heading Smart grid dynamic pricing: consumer behavior change?
As a response to a group member, the first comment included:
“Instead of using a regulated standard (not smart but) brute meter attack to force customers, well in line with your affirmation and with the three predictions mentioned above, in the (architecture competition) market approach customers will end up behaving like a herd, where ineffective whole (that is what customers need) products and services are weeded out (maybe together with their meters) in The Chasm of the Technology Adoption Life Cycle (TALC). ..To make it truly effective, it is only those smart customers that lead the herd that need complete education to be able to exert full free choice. … that is my response to ‘… assert that persuasion and education is not as challenging as some may think - how about turning this assertion into something more - with examples - if you have any.’ There is nothing richer than the TALC for examples on architecture competitions.” 
In the next comment, and also in synchronicity with an EEI whitepaper, I made a summary of the emerging dialogue by writing that:
As far as I can tell, the right question about the unpredictable human behavior is being answered in three general ways, with their associated pricing systems: 1) US-Centric brute force highly complex (see most of the 99 posts above) education approach [this is where I see Jack Ellis comment fits]; 2) EU-Centric brute force Spartan approach; and 3) the EWPC-AF TALC effective herd approach. For the emerging organization, please read my response to Jesse Berst.
Hi Jesse,
I have borrowed some insights from your comprehensive whitepaper The First Push, which was named by the Edison Electric Institute, to write the EWPC article Three Smart Grid Predictions for Initiating the Global Power Industry Transformation. The summary answers in a more generalized way the specific question, posed by the Intelligent Utility Inside Editor in Chief, Phil Carson, “predict how the Aug. 5 hearing and subsequent decision will go?:
Prediction #1: Recognizing the emerging global power industry in the complete context around the Intelligent Utility Inside articleBaltimore G&E: AMI Comeback? and that of this EWPC article, the Maryland PSC “No so fast” decision on the BGE proposal is highly likely the 1st domino of the chain reaction that is going to start “knocking over the next” state regulator’s utility case, “which upsets the next one, and so on.”
Prediction #2: Rethinking the old utility compact with an obligation to serve to an emergent compact on the T&D Grid side of the EWPC-AF with an obligation to deliver, the end-to-end “smart grid” will play out as part of the Enterprise side of the EWPC-AF.
Prediction #3: Repositioning the utilities that missed the opportunities to learn the lessons of other industries [I add in accordance with Max Planck!] is bound to be in a restricted T&D Grid space that will sooner or later be "painfully consolidated."
Best regards,


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