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Why and How the Status Quo Should Respond to Criticism on Current Smart Grid Developments

Jose Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio | Apr 13, 2012

Catherine Wollard recalls that - Begin quote - California-s private companies have began claiming that HVDC was impractical for the Intertie, and hired a consulting firm to ferret out flaws in the ASEA plan. The showdown came at the Winter General Meeting in New York in early 1963. The consultants read their report, and Lamm spoke in rebuttal, pointing out that the consultant had not even visited existing HVDC installations. She again adds “’to what is common practice in meetings like this’ Lamm says ‘the authors refuse to stand up to answer the criticism, even when the chairman ask them directly.’ The audience of engineers shifted to Lamm’s position. - End of quote.-  Is there any doubt on whether that audience acted ethically?

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