domingo, febrero 28, 2016

To Fareed Zakaria, thanks! But, Yeats is still right on

Fareed Zakaria has given us a very important contribution today under Fareed's Take, in his program GPS. His contribution can be read in his Washington post's article In the West, the political center holds — but barely.

Peter Senge - Systems-Intelligence or Systems-Ignorance? from Martin Rausch on Vimeo.

The center can't hold because they lack the required leadership to shift the whole, as they continue to operate under the Groupthink consensus of the primacy of the parts, when they should do it with an action oriented scientific attitude under the primacy of the whole. As an example of the meaning of "shifting the whole," please consider the August 2010 blog post Should the Smart Grid be a Technological Project to Address a Challenge Faced by Utility Executives?, whose summary says:
Following the advice of the great designer Don Norman, the answer is NO, as the most difficult social, organizational, and cultural aspects, were not considered in its explicit architecture act. An emerging revolution can be organized to shifting the whole power industry with the Electricity Without Price Controls Architecture Framework, in which those difficult living system aspects have been explicitly considered.
As an electrical engineer that have grown to get involved in systems architecting by increase the scope of problems, I found that Fareed's most important contribution is in W.B. Yeats’s famous poem. That poem tells us of a time similar to the one we are facing, which is about a technological revolution. But, in my self-financed research this is not just about a technological revolution, it is also an information revolution, the 4th according to the late Peter Drucker, with the 3rd as a result of the printing press.

It was in great part of the third information revolution (although it took many decades) that enabled the industrial civilization displaced the agricultural civilization, which Alvin Toffler discused as the 1st and 2nd waves in his book The Third Wave. Those three waves are about dependence, independence and interdependence, respectively.

Trying to make the story short, please consider the December 2015 blog post As The Great Decoupling is driven by TNA anti-systems, What about TAA in systemic civilization?, which has its "First update. Is Bill Gates’ darker side ‘Energy Miracle,’ a brighter side institutional innovation under Great Capitalism?" It is those institutional innovations that consider the "difficult social, organizational, and cultural aspects" needed for the brighter side. I hope, with all due respects, that Mr. Gates (which was also in GPS today) take a look at it.