domingo, noviembre 27, 2016

Thanks Geoffrey for the seven things new.

We understand that those things belong to what we have been calling the systemic civilization. In that regard, please consder, for example, the post Why the Eurozone leaders must change their common sense first, which at this momment starts as follows;

About updates: the title of this post is the first hypothesis of our though experiment that has led to updates with better accumulated hypothesis as we learn with fast feedback from concerned citizens.

Eighth update. John Hagel's strategy of trajectory to the 'Emergence' scenario can favor a solo systems architecting view. Many of the statement here are supported mainly from the initial post and its updates. The 'Emergence' scenario as a common goal is supported by my quote that has been socialized with the seventh update's tweet. People need to be un-deluded to act in accordance with the sixth update.