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2003 Proposal to AmCham Energy Committee

This eMail was written as the AmCham Energy Committee was being borned, more two years ago. The distributors hated my second proposal.
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From: José Antonio Vanderhorst Silverio

Sent: Lunes, 16 de Junio de 2003 03:34 p.m.

To: Kevin Manning

Subject: AmCham Energy Committee

Importance: High

Dear Kevin:

Please find attached the agenda items that I proposed last meeting.

Relative to the second item, I have added my "Grito Patriótico por la Interdependencia Electrica," no as a position, but to try to highlight the opportunities on the deregulation of the commercialization.




Proposals of Agenda Items


  • Deregulation to transport fuels. A fixed tariff of RD$0.99 to transport fuel country-wide to power plants is incompatible with minimum cost of fuels aimed by the electric deregulation. In addition, remote locations development of alternative energy is blocked by this artificial measure. Wind and solar projects in those locations are less competitive. This issue cuts across to both sub-committees.


  • Deregulation of the commercialization of electricity. Opportunities abound for the Dominicans to take the lead on this matter, serving a ground for testing approaches, like real time metering for large loads. Commercialization losses will only be reduced by an effective marketing approach, under a free market, with transparent and competitive practices. Keeping the commercialization as direct or an indirect monopoly will cripple the electricity development of the Dominican Republic. The government needs to get out of the involvement with the commercialization. To help on the development of a white paper, I attached a paper that I published in 1999.


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