viernes, agosto 05, 2005

Centralization Paradigm is Breaking Down

"The centralization paradigm that has guided the generation of electricity over the past century is slowly breaking down as a result of new distributed generation technologies and progressive regulatory changes – such as the BPU's net metering rules. Our rules all but eliminate most of the administrative roadblocks to distributed generation, and will create strong incentives for consumers to install renewable energy generators at their homes or businesses." That is the conclusion reached by Jeanne Fox, President, NJ Board of Public Utilities, in her article " Net Metering in New Jersey" , published by Energy Pulse.
While New Jersey, which is serve by the best system in the USA, which FERC has taken as the Standard Market Design model, some Dominican Republic officials are centered on the centralaization (redundancy intended) paradigm. The discussion of a new law project on renewable energy which should promote distributed generation needs to be complemented with a change in the barriers of distributed generation, like net metering, and the complete deregulation of the retail market.

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