lunes, septiembre 12, 2005

DR1: President Fernandez outlines fuel reduction plan

***During yesterday's taped television speech, Leonel Fernandez outlined his "National Fuel Saving Plan". This consists of limiting the hours when gasoline is sold to the public, alternating the "public cars" days of work, the elimination of vehicles in really bad shape, removal of speed bumps in most places, the establishment of fixed stops for publicos and dedicated bus lanes. The President also prohibited vehicles with official license plates to circulate on weekends, except under special circumstances, and is asking each government department to save 20% of its fuel costs. As reported in Listin Diario, the presidential plan also included converting OMSA bus engines from gasoline to diesel and the installation of standby diesel generators that will keep the Santo Domingo traffic lights working during blackouts.
According to the Presidential Plan, fuel will not be sold after 8:00 in the evening from Monday through Friday, until noon on Saturday, and never on Sundays or holidays.

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