lunes, septiembre 05, 2005

A Plan for a DR Trademark

Mr. Frederic Emam-Zadé Geraldino

My dear and respected friend Frederic,

Acording to DR1, referring to an Hoy newspaper news that says:

The Dominican Republic is not well known by those who make important investment decisions around the world. This is why the Center for Exports and Investment (CEI-DR) is trying to develop a plan to promote the DR trademark. CEI-DR head Eddy Martinez Manzueta is trying to get as much input as he can from the different business and social sectors of the Dominican Republic. Speaking at the Economic Encounter at Hoy newspaper, Martinez and his staff told the reporters that the idea is to project an image of the Dominican Republic that shows the capacity of the nation in diverse areas. He emphasized exports of cigars, bananas, beer and rum as just a few of the items that are making "Made in the Dominican Republic" a better-known trademark.

By making the Dominican Republic the first developing country with commercial quality electricity, an effective DR Trademark is enable to attract investments to the country oriented towards the Information Society. All the country have to do is to develop the Reliability Demand Response Model which will lead us to the END STATE of the power industry worldwide. Exploitation of the mutually reinforcing strategies on electrcity and information technologies is the best way to be well known in the future.
Please advise Mr. Martínez to consider the suggestion of such mutually reinforcing strategy on their DR Trademark.

Best regards,

José Antonio Vanderhorst Silverio, PhD
Organic Seed of the GMH
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