martes, enero 31, 2006

DR1: Charcoal-fired plant tender

Three companies are bidding for the government contract to build two charcoal-fired power plants in the Dominican Republic. Companies that have made offers are the Sichouan Machinery Equipment, HN Energy and Emirates Power DR. The 600-megawatt power plants would be installed in Monte Cristi and Azua. They would have a joint cost of about US$1.2 billion, according to a news story in Diario Libre.
The state CDEEE studied the technical and economical offers made by the companies yesterday. As reported in Diario Libre, Sichouan Machinery Equipment proposes to produce power at 0.257 cents per kWh, plus the commitment of CDEEE to supply the fuel, and purchase 100% of their production. Emirates Power DR is offering 0.3 cents per kWh and requires the CDEEE to purchase 30% of the power produced. This power plant would be built in Azua. For the power plant to be built in Monte Cristi, it offers a price ! of 0.29 cents and requires a commitment from the CDEEE for the purchase of 30% of the power produced. A third company, HN Energy offers to build the two units on the spot modality, or free market, whereby it does not establish a price, nor a minimum purchase percentage.

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Emilio J. Contreras-Hernández dijo...

0.257, 0.3 and 0.29 cent/kWh !!! or 2.57, 3 and 2.9 cent/kWh. It will be wonderful if they actually offer the first set of prices.