sábado, enero 13, 2007

Demand Response Under EWPC Part 3

On January 8th, 2006, I posted the following message under the article The Potential for Residential Demand Response on Transmission and Distribution Assets:


Thanks for explaining that there is no competition in the retails markets of gasoline and natural gas. If I understand correctly, oligopolies control the retail markets. If the gasoline stations and the gas retailers are owned or controlled by oligopolies, the market structured and design is flawed or the competition authorities are not doing their jobs or it could be that technology has not advanced sufficiently as is emerging in retail markets of electricity.

Gasoline stations are still retailers that develop their business directly with customers. There is no doubt that there retail function is absolutely necessary and cannot be done without it. Today’s distributors do them, and I am suggesting that the concentrate on their wires.

There is an urgent need for no-nonsense prudential regulations and ultraquality, as well as the development of the resources of the demand side in the power business. If gasoline stations have to compete with electric retailers, there is an opportunity to increase retail competition traveling by cars and trucks.

If you don't resolve the issues of retail competition, the oligopolies will own your swithboard too. In addition, by not dispatching economically under a whole system perspective, with an engineering institution, the cost to society will be excessive.

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