domingo, enero 07, 2007

A Generative Dialogue Without Illusions Part 11

Reference: Playing with Fire – Part II


There is a difference between classroom perfect competition and real life workable competition.

To operate in real life there is a need for a robust power system, where the resources of the demand side and the resources of the supply side are available to manage systemic short run and long run physical risk in time and space.

The T&D grid should be integrated in every geographic - control - area and its operation and control planned and executed by a system engineering institution, with both supply side and demand side resources pre-committed.

There is an urgent need to develop the resources of the demand side. That development requires business model innovations which in turns require competition, as customers need will evolve in significant ways. A regulator is not prepared to do that job, since neat customer classes and rates will be insufficient to get the most value for society out of rationing electricity. The demand side is today highly undeveloped and to develop it true leadership – commercial retailers - will be required, to allow the workable competition that should be emerging in a complete, integral and fully functional Market 3.

Piece meal extensions to the incomplete, fractured and not fully functional Market 2 will maintain valid to your statement that “deregulation has failed, is failing or will fail just about everywhere.”

With T&D grid electric regulated under ultraquality and generation and commercial wholesale and retail deregulated, EWPC should not failed just about anywhere, if the commercial market architecture and design is properly implemented, under competent leadership and management.

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